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Financial / pension planning

Achieve goals through planning

Bild zur Symbolisierung der Finanzplanung

Financial planning

  • Holistic planning is strategy consulting

  • Comprehensive, networked, coordinated

  • Neutral and product-independent

  • Long-term and adapted to the life cycle

Retirement planning

  • How should I draw my pension, as a pension or as a lump sum?

  • Can I afford early retirement?

  • How much will my pension be?

  • How can I optimize taxes?

  • How do I secure my income after retirement?

  • Can I maintain my usual standard of living?

  • Should I pay off my mortgage?

  • Will my partner be taken care of when I die?

Bild zur Symbolisierung der Pensionsplanung
Dokument mit Stift

Documents downloads

Here you will find our documents for financial / pension planning.  

For an analysis as quickly as possible, you can send us the documents already filled in.

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