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Whether short, medium or long term - we have the right offer for you

We are happy to assist you with the administrative work with the relevant authorities, explain to you which insurances you absolutely need in Switzerland and take care of your tax return for you. Contact us for more information about our all-inclusive package. 

Do you plan to stay in Switzerland for a longer period of time or can you even imagine settling here permanently? Then we have some interesting information for you on the subject of private pension plans with simultaneous tax benefits. There are very important points about this in Switzerland, we would not like to withhold them from you in any case.

Bild zum Dienstleistungspaket 1 für Expats

Basic package

I already know that I will only be in Switzerland for a short time and only want information about the most important and mandatory insurances in Switzerland.

Bild zum Dienstleistungspaket 2 für Expats

Expansion pack

I am staying in Switzerland for the medium to long term and would like information on insurance, tax and tax saving opportunities.

Bild zum Dienstleistungspaket 3 für Expats

Stress-Less Package

I will stay in Switzerland for the long term and I could also imagine retiring in Switzerland. I want the best possible insurance cover for me. I want to save taxes and not have to accept any loss of wealth or quality of life in old age.

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